Our founder Joan Coleman started the Southport Kidney Fund in 1979 along with a group of volunteers because there wasn’t anything out there to help her Daughter Veronica who had been diagnosed with kidney failure. Over 35 years later we are still helping patients and making a difference to people’s lives. Many advances have been made in treatments but we are still short of a cure. The Committee works tirelessly to ensure that they look after the best interests of our patients and fight against changes which may be detrimental to both their treatment and survival.


Our thanks have to go out to all those people who donate to us. They are the life blood which keeps our Charity alive and kicking. We rely totally on the good nature and personal effort of both local people, families and friends and businesses to carry on supporting us. People’s generosity astounds us and Southport Kidney Fund’s committe thanks everyone who has ever dropped a penny in our collection buckets from the bottom of our hearts. You alone have ensured our survival and have helped make our patients lives more bearable.

Thank You


Joan Coleman.


Sadly we lost Joan some time ago but we have kept her message in memoriam of her outstanding pride in the work of the charity she set up so many years ago.


Southport Kidney Fund can provide assistance to patients who request it.  All requests are considered fairly. If you reside in the 01704 telephone code area, or dialyse at Southport Dialysis unil, please contact one of our committee for more details. 


Our committee of volunteers work tirelessly to raise funds to support our patients and other charities dedicated to Kidney Research. Each year we give donations to selected charities researching Kidney Disease and Treatments, to improve the lives of Kidney Patients worldwide. We raise funds for our work by running social events such as Charity Balls, Supermarket Collections, and Quiz Nights.

Every year we provide a Christmas Meal and entertainment for our patients, and give an annual grant towards the increased fuel bills our patients have to pay every winter. Kidney patients feel the cold much more than a normal person, and it's essential that they keep warm.  We also provide a Christas Buffet for the Patients and staff at Southport Dialysis unit, and if patients have to Dialyse outside of Southport, we may be able to help with travel costs.

We liaise with the Renal Teams at both the Royal Liverpool and Aintree Hospital Trusts. This helps us to keep up to date with the latest developments in treatments, equipment and the technology that will improve the lives of patients, as well as other patient concerns like access to medical records, appointment waiting times and the security of the patient data the trust holds. We are often consulted regarding any planned improvementsto, or new investments in, (such as Aintree Hospital's new Dialysis unit opened in 2016) the Renal Services offered by the trusts that will affect our patients.

We also liaise with other local Kidney Patient Associations (KPA's), having strong ties with Aintree KPA, the North West KPA, and the British KPA. We are also afilliated to the National Kidney Federation (NKF). 

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