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Welcome To The Southport Kidney Fund

What We Do

Established in October 1979, Southport Kidney Fund is an independant charity that provides assistance to ALL Patients with Kidney Failure within the 01704 telephone code area or who dialyse at the Southport NHS Dialysis Unit, no matter what your age is. Once diagnosed with Kidney Failure, which if diagnosed early enough normally starts with drug therapy. Later stages of Kidney Failure require Dialysis, and ultimately a Transplant. Dialysis and transplants are treatments and not cures.  Dialysis usually requires 3 four hour hospital visits per week.







The Committee of volunteers works to raise funds to support our Kidney Patients and other Kidney Charities dedicated to research in this field.


Each year we have a variety of fund raising events,  including various Supermarket  Collections, quiz nights and Fundraising Balls/Dances. We also have other Social events, including bi-monthly coffee mornings. 


We ALWAYS need  extra help with these activities.




















ALL Patients with Kidney Failure whether just diagnosed, dialysing or transplanted have Good Days and Bad Days. Help us to make their days BETTER!























When given the chance to take part  at events,  and we do our best to raise awareness about Kidney Failure and to help get people signed up to the Organ Donor Register. 


You can do it too at or by telephoning 0300 123 23 23.

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